Head of UGCC

His Beatitude Lubomyr thanks entrepreneurs for their activity and courage

His Beatitude Lubomyr blesses future Andrey Sheptytsky School

The Head of UGCC, uniting with Pope, prayed for every nascent life

Third Audio Book of Patriarch Lubomyr to appear

Patriarch Lubomyr: ‘We are not looking for conventional solutions, but a way which the Lord God would want us to go’

‘For a long time monasticism was considered bloodless martyring,’ Patriarch Lubomyr

On Independence Day the Head of UGCC Called Faithful “to Follow Divine Orders and Not the Political Situation”

Bishops of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church reflect on the issue of migration

Patriarch Lubomyr “Pilgrimage of migrants must address their needs”

His Beatitude Lubomyr blessed project to build monument for migrants

Volyn Media: Patriarch Lubomyr called to renew the original unity of the Church and Ukraine

Head of the UGCC discusses building a cathedral in Lutsk with the authority of Volyn

“The Holy Spirit acts the same today as He did two thousand years ago”: Head of the UGCC on Pentecost

Head of the UGCC called to help guarantee spiritual and social-economic rights of workers

Head of the UGCC presented his second audio book

Head of the UGCC His Beatitude Lubomyr will present his second audio book

Memorial service held in Kyiv for the deceased in the plane crash near Smolensk

To the venerable Mr. Jacek Kluczkowski, Ambassador of Poland in Ukraine

In his Easter sermon the head of the UGCC called Christians to unite

Head of the UGCC to invite faithful to joint in preparation of main theme of the Synod of Bishops

Head of UGCC to Communicate on-line with Ukrainian Labor Migrants

Nina Matviyenko wrote the foreword to the second audio book of Patriarch Lubomyr

Patriarch Lubomyr holds press conference for Odesa’s journalists

UGCC Head will remind President about Equality of Churches

Head of the UGCC met with Odesa leaders

Head of UGCC Meets Mayor of Odesa

Head of the UGCC Calls Faithful to Pray for the State Throughout the Whole Year

Top authorities of Ukraine greet the head of the UGCC on his birthday

His Beatitude Lubomyr is 77

Head of the UGCC took part in inauguration of newly elected President of Ukraine

His Beatitude Lubomyr blessed the cornerstone of a future church in Brovary

On the Day of Consecrated Life head of the UGCC met with monastics

“Churches were simply returned to its proprietor”

“God says: ‘You want it? – Here it is’…”: His Beatitude Lubomyr

Head of UGCC Explains His Call to not Vote “Against All” in Second Round of Presidential Elections

Head of the UGCC called to vote and to choose

President Yushchenko Thanked the Head of the UGCC for Impartial Position of Church in Elections

Bishops of the UGCC have called the faithful to take part in the second round of the presidential elections and to pray for God’

His Beatitude Lubomyr shared the Christmas prosphoron for the third time

Head of the UGCC asked the faithful to pray for God’s blessing on the eve of the elections

Christmas Greeting from His Beatitude Lubomyr, Major Archbishop of Kyiv and Halych of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

The Election of the President of Ukraine to be One of the Most Important Events of 2001 – Patriarch Lubomyr

Head of the UGCC about the Year of Christian vocation with an accent on consecrated life

“Our desire is to return to the primary unity”: His Beatitude Lubomyr

His Beatitude Lubomyr greeted Ukrainian Salesians on their jubilee

Head of the UGCC met with European representative of International Commission for Catholic Prison Pastoral Care

UGCC Head comments on statement of Russian Archbishop that Russian Church expects concrete steps from Vatican

In St. Sofia a joint prayer for victims of the Holodomor

UGCC Head: Politicians Use Clergy as “Pre-election Decorations”

Patriarch Lubomyr Met with the President of the Biblical Society and Members of the Administration

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