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The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Lubomyr presented his second audio book called "The Road to Thy Neighbor." The presentation, which took place in the in the Kyiv bookstore Ye [Є], began with an irmos performed by the vocalist of group Gorgisheli.

As a correspondent of UNIAN informs, the audio book is presented in the form of an interview: His Beatitude Lubomyr answers the questions of the journalist Mykola Knyazhytskyi.

In the audio book "The Road to Thy Neighbor" His Beatitude Lubomyr will share with listeners his responses to such topics as love, contraception and abortion, the conflict of generations, the citizen and state, and patriotism and chauvinism.

How to be when love is not strong enough? How does the Church treat the search of the "other half" through meetings with a few people? If the Church is against abortion, then why is it also against contraception? Is a woman supposed to stay at home while the man works? What is the duty of parents to their children? To provide inheritance or education? How to build relations between different generations? Answers to these and other questions will be found in the second audio book of the head of the UGCC.

On the second disk of audio book "The Road to Thy Neighbor" the head of the UGCC formulates his own attitude toward the problems of corruption, to charitable money received as bribes, advises how to survive and feed a family during a crisis, and explains how a worker can adjust to life in Ukraine after returning from abroad. His Beatitude Lubomyr shares his understanding of patriotism and chauvinism, the cultural division between the East and West, about the heroic and tragic pages of history.

"The understanding of thy neighbor is very wide... This tragedy is in Smolensk, I suppose, in everyone's heart woke up the word ‘neighbor.' Currently hundreds of thousands of people in Poland carry flowers and candles to honor their neighbors," says the head of the UGCC.

Knyazhytskyi added that the book has answers to questions that are very actual for many people, as problems in all families are practically the same, and there is no one to talk to. In Ukraine the practice of psychoanalysis is not developed, but people always need advice.

The first audio book of His Beatitude Lubomyr "The Road to Oneself" was issued in January 2009 and included ten thousand copies. The multimedia studio Svichado issued the second audio book of Patriarch Lubomyr. The national artist of Ukraine Nina Matviyenko recorded the foreword for the book.

Already today the audio book can be purchased in all churches of Kyiv, and in several bookstores. It will also be available in the churches of the UGCC in Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Kolomyja. In the nearest future "The Road to Thy Neighbor" will reach parishes of the UGCC all over Ukraine, and will be available in other stores.

At the completion of presentation, the hierarch informed that work will now begin on the recording of the third audio book of the series; it will be called "The Road to God."

Source: Information Department of the UGCC
(with the material from UNIAN)