Covenant with God

These days Spirit of God inspires hearts of many Christians with new love to the word of God. Christians are no longer interested in Holy Bible as the book that underlies in the basis of our European civilization, nor as the collection of wisdom of the Near East. They are again interested in the word of God as the word of God, said directly to them.

Many people started to read Bible considering it to be a collection of different God's revelations which are put together in one book, and which are hardly related to each other. We get similar impression from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, when we listen to it for the first time. And only during repeated listenings to this musical work we notice a thread, a leit-motif which bounds all together.

The same thing is with Bible - only after a while we notice a subject which bounds books of both Testaments of the Holy Scriptures into one Book, inspired by God. This leit-motif of the Bible is the Covenant between God and human. It appears in every book of the Bible in various interpretations - sometimes it's clear, and sometimes hidden from inattentive, it goes through every chapter of every book of Bible. It is the main thought, leading motive of God's Revelation - God wants to be our ally.

What does this mean? What does it mean to be in Covenant with God? How does it look like? Why does God in Bible constantly emphasize on the Covenant? Is it necessary to be in Covenant with God? Does Covenant with God change something radically in our life?

We will try to answer those questions.