Business and Christianity

Business and Christianity - what can be common between such distinct, at first sight absolutely different drifts of human's life. Word business (entrepreneurial activity) for many people associates with words corruption, deceit, injustice, striving for self-enrichment sometimes even by non-Christian means. This negative impression made some Christians think that money and activity connected with earnong them is too dirty business, and thus is absolutely not interesting or sometimes even ugly to God. However, such view on business doesn't really coincide with God's. Jesus bequeathed us that we should «put everything for service of the Gospel». He speaks about every moment of our life - about everything we do and all we have. He does care how we spend 1/3 part of our life, and it's approximately how much time every person spends for his/her job - as business owner or as hired worker. Every kind of entrepreneurial activity is oriented on earning income, and this is not bad, this does not contradict God's will. Everything depends only on the way we get that income, and what is more important - how we spend it.


In this section we will try to find out how is it possible to be engaged in entrepreneurial activity and at the same time carry out God's salvation plan - spread Kingdom of God here, now, and today. We'll try to investigate main principles of business management for those who call themselves followers of Christ, in particular we'll try to answer such important questions:

• tithe - right or obligation; amount; way of calculation;

• bribe - a way to solve the problem or «vital» needs;


• income: merit or Gift from God; personal property of a businessman or just right to dispose;

• decency and honesty in business management;

• should we pay taxes and obey to the law of country in which we live;

• other important questions that arise in entrepreneurial activity.