Obstacles on the way to God

In life often happens that a human who turned to God, felt His love and redeeming power, lived with Him and according to His commandments, suddenly turnes back to former secular lifestyle. People see that God's power is effective, that His love is invincible and still they turn away from Him.

There are also situations when a human decides to follow God, but despite all his/her wishes, striving and efforts as if stamps on the same position. Something does not let the person completely devote to God.

Why is this happening? What is preventing the person from it?

There are many obstacles which a human meets on the way to God.

We will try to find out the reason for these obstacles. We will take a view of Peculiar People history, how did those obstacles influence their life after they came out of Egypt (because we know that they wondered for forty years in the desert before entering the promised land), and we will draw a parallel with our way to salvation.

We will also divide those obstacles on the way to God into such categories:

1. Curse
2. Satan strongholds
3. Inner vows
4. Ignorance of God
5. Rejection
6. Judgements
7. Bitterness
8. Heart wounds
9. Unforgiveness
10. Devil's possession
11. Lack of repentance
12. Selfishness

and we will try to think about the way how to overcome them, and in such a way relieve God's power and power of God's blessing in our lives.