Catholic church

Most of all prejudices in our society are caused by questions related to Catholic Church and Its functioning. In the internet, in periodicals, on television or even in books you can read, hear, or even see lots of information which clearly shows prejudice of author and his informational sources. And it is clear. Anti-catholic polemic, which lasted for centuries, couldn't not have left the track. And the years when godless "bolshevizm" existed on our territory, poisoned Ukrainian media-space up to our days.

The ludicrous image of Catholic Church, as monster of obscurantism and darkness, does not allow many objectively understand history of Europe. In fact one of European life basic components is actually Catholic Church. It is impossible to objectively understand neither the European culture, nor history, nor mentality, without true information about Catholic Church.

Catholic Church, in fact, in times of Roman Empire fall became a mediator of Roman civilization achievements, exactly It played the role of bridge between barbarian people and Byzantium; Europe got acquainted with Antic inheritance and revived Renaissance due to catholic scientists' works; exactly in Catholic Church Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Henry VIII were possible; exactly one of Catholic Church ranks - Jesuits - have given Baroque to Europe; and even modern European tolerance is the offspring of misinterpreted catholic principle of respect to every person.

It is worth mentioning that Catholicism is not homogeneous phenomenon, and in difference to most Christian confessions is various. It's about great number of ceremonies (some liturgicians count twenty one!). It's about great number of monk Ranks and Communities, each of whom cherish their own specific spirituality and carry unique message. It's also about great number of different inter-church movements and organizations, at whose meetings an uniformed visitor can get an impression that he got to a meeting of other confession.

And all of this is the unique and monolithic Catholicism.

The far-fetched authoritarianism is only a myth which disappears at once when you get more acquainted with Catholic Church. By its colorfulness, Catholicism can be similar only to its forefather - Judaism. That is why every attempt to erect Catholicism to any of its numerous displays doesn't show an objective picture.

Therefore we want to try to represent Catholic Church in media-space of internet in the way we see IT.

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