Church in Europe

Catholics in Great Britain Prepare for Papal Visit with Prayer

Lourdes evacuated for bomb scare, evening events uninterrupted

Pilgrim Passports for Papal Visit to UK

Anglo-Catholic bishops try to rally supporters but foresee conversions to Rome

Lord Patten: Papal visit to UK might surprise critics

Faithful in England prepare for Cardinal Newman beatification

Universal Church to honor feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Pontiff to Proclaim Gaudi's Church a Basilica

Mass, pilgrimage to mark 100-year anniversary of Padre Pio's ordination

UK Catholics Support Pro-Life Initiatives

Anti-Catholic petition shut down as UK government changes hands

UK Prepares Highest Level of Welcome for Pope

Papal Visit 2010 - Children's Activity Book

Belgian Bishops Appeal for Calm and Justice to Do its Work

Archbishop Nichols addresses cost, opportunities of Pope's UK visit

Spain Readies for Historical Papal Visit

UK Bishops Explain Why Papal Visit Is Historic

Sports columnist laments poor coverage of World Cup player's Catholic faith

Apostolic visitor encourages renewal and purification of Irish Church

Scottish Bishops Confirm Venue for Papal Mass

Pope on Cyprus, a Very Successful Visit

Cardinal Bertone to represent Pope at Slovenian Eucharistic Congress

Over 100,000 attend beatification of Polish priest and martyr

Apostolic Visitation in Ireland Set for Autumn

Archbishop Dolan Urges Irish Priests to be Grounded in Holiness

Czech Republic and Catholic Church come to agreement in Prague cathedral dispute

Spanish bishop urges Catholics to remain courageous in defending life and the family

A Nation's Suicide

Papal Visit to Cyprus Will Be a "Huge Event"

Pope to Italian bishops: moral crisis is as serious as economic crisis

Benedict XVI's UK Visit: 114 Days to Go

UK Bishops Decry Abortion TV Ads

Children's books for Pope Benedict's visit

Cardinal Poletto says Shroud exposition yielded enormous spiritual fruit

Poland prays as floods sweep across country

Preserve and Strengthen Christian Roots of Europe

London Prelate: Papal Visit Will Be "Quite Different"

Pope Benedict Urges New Evangelisation of Hope in Europe

Campaign launched in UK to support missionary priests

Vatican spokesman: ‘marvelous’ papal visit to Portugal surpassed expectations

Catholics in Cyprus full of expectation for Pope’s visit

Church must confirm Christian identity online, says Italian bishop


Cardinal of Turin introduces novena for Pope's visit to Shroud

French Church launches drive for more priests

Roman Students Congratulate Pope on Anniversary

St. John Vianney's Relics to Tour Ireland

Maltese Have Great Respect for Pope, Says Prelate

Cardinal Sodano to represent Pope at funeral of Polish president

European Bishops Focus on Poverty

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