Church in Europe

Equalities Bill defeated

Churches issue grave warning over Equalities Bill

Spanish archbishop urges Catholics to follow fundamentals of faith

Lithuania supports Italy in European crucifix case

Czech Bishops Denounce Crucifix Ruling

Youth pray before WYD cross for victims of terrorism in Madrid

Cardinal Vlk warns of ‘Islamization’ of Europe, calls for return to Christianity

Benedict XVI names new primate for Polish Catholics

President of Italian bishops says climate of 'political hatred' must be overcome

Pope Urges Belarus Church to Unity

Church in Belarus Blooms After Communist Winter

London: council worker sacked for mentioning God in workplace

Pope Benedict Meets Irish Bishops About Abuse Scandal

Spanish bishop questions why government is intent on removing crucifixes

Cardinal calls for rediscovery of value of priesthood

Italian Catholic Church preparing for Christmas with meeting on faith in God

International Symposium on Greek Catholic Church Held in Poland

Civil rights activist demands Spanish government respect right to hang crucifixes in schools

German Supreme Court curbs Sunday shopping

Crucifix is essential to European identity, say bishops of Poland

Italian Bishops turn to 'commercials' to secure funding for 38,000 diocesan priests

Orthodox and Catholics to Prepare a Common Position on Dialogue with EU

Association in favor of crucifixes in schools to march on St. Peter's square

Catholic Women Voice Opposition to UN Convention

Church in Balkans Faces Uphill Battle

Cardinal Rouco Varela denounces 'deficient' regulation of religion classes

Cardinal Rouco urges restraint of government intrusion

Ukrainian Ambassador and Head of Greek Catholic Church in Croatia Discuss Cooperation

Christmas could be cancelled by British government

Italian mayors order crucifixes put in classrooms

British prayer effort invokes St. Monica on behalf of inactive Catholics

Kosovo leadership to organize celebrations for Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday

Europe has profound Christian roots which cannot be ignored, says Vatican cardinal

Making God Known in Our World

Berlin's Archbishop Recalls Fall of Wall

French Priests Give a Month's Salary to Needy

Italian minister responds to European court: 'We will not remove crucifixes from the classroom'

Crucifix Ruling Seen as Severing Italy From Roots

Vatican "Regrets" European Court Ruling on Crucifix

Church in Italy to issue clarification on cremation

Pope says Christianity is central to Bulgarian, EU identity

Church Attendance Rises as Economy Falls

German cardinal stresses Catholic role in toppling Berlin Wall

Catholics in Spain, France and Chile find Christian alternatives to Halloween

Mary statue in Spain given papal honor

Scots hoping for papal visit

Bulgarian orthodox leader affirms desire for unity

Secretary of Spanish bishops praises massive turnout at pro-life march

Sociologist: Christianity in Europe far from dead

Romania holds 1st National Clergy Meeting

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