Ukrainian Ambassador and Head of Greek Catholic Church in Croatia Discuss Cooperation


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CROATIA-UKRAINE - At the meeting of the head of the Greek Catholic Church in Croatia, Nikola Kekych, and the Ukrainian Ambassador in Croatia, B. Zaichuk, on November 12, 2009, the participants discussed the status of the development of the Greek Catholic community in Croatia and its connections with Ukraine. It was noted that the majority of the parishioners of the eparchy are representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in Croatia and also of Bosnia and Slovenia. RISU's Ukrainian-language webpage posted this story on November 13.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in Croatia informed RISU that the Ukrainian ambassador noticed the importance of the role of the church as the spiritual leader of the people, in particular, the Ukrainian minority in Croatia and Bosnia.

The sides discussed the prospects of the current process of unification of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and expressed hope for positive changes expected from the unification. The participants expressed their common vision of the necessity to unify the Ukrainian-Rusyn minority in Croatia to achieve the common goal outside the homeland.;32982/