Starting from the very beginning of Christianity, Christians were obliged to defend themselves from different reproaches. And this can be clearly seen in the New Testament. Thus, e.g. John's Evangel as well as the first John's cathedral epistle is directed against different misinterpretations of the Gospel.

The word «apology» in the classical Rome era meant the defending speach. The whole constellation of Christian writers of the ІІ-ІІІ century after Christ has been called apologets, because of their works, in which they defended Christianity from pagan reproaches.

In modern life Christians often run across various attempts to disclaim their belief - Christianity. These attempts vary from denial of the Bible trustworthiness to denial of the Creator existance. How many bitter fruits have those ‘scientific' theories such as Darwinism or atheism yielded!

Catholicism has become an extra target of such attacks. Starting from the period of aryanism, its main dogmas, or if you wish - postulates, have undergone the squall of criticism.

Till today papal infallibility, sanctification of sacred icons, sanctification of Mary and saints, Catholic ritualism and sacramentalism provoke criticism of many and especially of Christians. But reaction of Catholics to the criticism of their religious beliefs very often is apathetic. Because of ecumenism, tolerance ideas, and ever bigger political correctness of Christians, we - Catholics, express a kind of criminal thought - better be silent in order not to offend someone with truth. We are afraid to express our opinion in order not to cause someone feel discomforted.

At these pages we provide facts that can strengthen Christians in faith and to tell the world the explanation of their beliefs. In the same time we can say that in the world, especially in Europe, the phenomenon of christianophobia is spreading. And again voices of those who are against it are quiet. Christians are asleep. But the time will come when they will awake in the world, which will be not only non-Christian, but what's more, hostile to Christianity.

Yet Apostle Peter said to the believers: «But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you» (1Peter 3:15), so we want to help everyone who needs it to answer the questions which today world asks concerning Christian teaching.