“The Holy Spirit acts the same today as He did two thousand years ago”: Head of the UGCC on Pentecost


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On May 23, 2010, on the feast commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit, His Beatitude Lubomyr, the head of the UGCC, took part in the festive Divine Liturgy that was celebrated in the Annunciation of the Holy Mother of God Church of the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. That day six children, members of the parochial community, received their First Holy Communion.

"It is not easy to be Christian. Everyone who wants to be a true Christian has to be ready to face challenges. People laugh at us, wish us harm, there are even situations where we are afraid to admit that we are Christians, meaning when we are afraid to act as Jesus Christ taught us," the head of the UGCC said in his sermon.

Thus His Beatitude Lubomyr called to be conscious that the Holy Spirit acts today as He did then, that "when we are sometimes scared, troubled, uncomfortable to admit that we are Christians, we must ask the Holy Spirit to give us strength, to take away from us this fear so we may declare that we are Christians and live and behave as Jesus Christ taught," said His Beatitude Lubomyr. At the end, the hierarch called to thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and to renew faith in the Holy Spirit "which today, the same as in the past, is with us and remains with us forever."

Source: Information Department of the UGCC