UGCC Head: Politicians Use Clergy as “Pre-election Decorations”


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KYIV - There has appeared a trend in Ukraine for politicians to use spiritual leaders as "pre-election decorations" said the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), Patriarch Lubomyr, in an interview to the Weekly Mirror.

"You see there is a trend now: all candidates want to have close to themselves a spiritual person as a decoration. And the more decorations, the better," stated the hierarch.

"It is not to honor the church. It is to use the church for one's political interests. The church is honored in everyday life when the state respects the church and the church serves the people," stressed the patriarch.

The hierarch confirmed the rumors that he met with presidential candidate Arsenii Yatseniuk but stressed that it does not imply any support for the politician from the UGCC.

"I met with Mr. Yatseniuk. But I promised him no support from the Greek Catholic Church at the election. Neither did I promise it to anyone - many would like us to be with them," noted the hierarch.;33019/