The Head of UGCC, uniting with Pope, prayed for every nascent life


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"Nowadays, great evil, called abortion, reigns in the world. Abortion is an act of killing an unborn child. And today we have gathered to pray for life, for the preservation of life, for God's help for all those who strive with the temptation to deprive own's child of life in their womb," said His Beatitude Lyubomyr during his prayer uniting with His Holiness Benedict XVI's for every nascent life.

His Excellency Bohdan (Dzyurakh), secretary of UGCC Bishops Synod, and representatives from Kyiv spiritual seminary accompanied His Beatitude during his prayer for every nascent life.

"Looking at our small spiritual community, I wonder: Aren't we able to confront this worldwide calamity? Yes, we are! Our power is in prayer. In prayer for every nascent life and for those parents who conceived this life. They wouldn't even know that we have prayed for them, but God's mercy will surely fill their soul, their mind and they will make their pro-life choice" - said His Beatitude Lyubomyr to all the present.

©Translation by Milites Christi Imperatoris