Patriarch Lubomyr “Pilgrimage of migrants must address their needs”


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The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) expressed that the pilgrimage of migrants from Sambir to Zarvanytsya must be addressed to their needs.

According to him, migrants encounter many different problems. "All of them for some reason went abroad, many - in a search of an income. Consequently many families were split, there are cases where almost half a village left," said the head of the UGCC.

The patriarch stressed that the pilgrimage is an occasion to prayer together and to consider the problems of migrants. "For the migrants problems are not theory, but daily life. A father or a mother left, and when they return, their children are almost five years older and they grew up either in the street or at grandma's," Patriarch Lubomyr explained.

We remind that the international pilgrimage of migrants and their families from Sambir to Zarvanytsya will take place on August 6-15 of this year. This pilgrimage will be the fifth of its kind. The executive secretary of the Pastoral Missionary Department of the UGCC Fr. Vasyl Potochnyak and director of Charitable Fund of Caritas in the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy Fr. Ihor Kozankevych initiate the organization of the pilgrimages. The Pastoral Missionary Department of UGCC is currently organizing the pilgrimage.

All interested persons are welcome to join the pilgrimage. Departure from Sambir from the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God Church will be on Friday, August 6, at 9:30 a.m. The pilgrimage will pass through Sambir, Drohobych, Stryj, Burshtyn, Shumlyany, Pidhajtsi, and others.

Informed by the press service of the Kyivan Archeparchy

Source: UGCC