Third Audio Book of Patriarch Lubomyr to appear


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The third audio book of the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) Patriarch Lubomyr, "The Path to God," has recently been recorded in of Kyiv's studios. The recording will continue a series of talks with the head of the UGCC, which began with his first two audio books "The Road to Oneself" and "Path to Thy Neighbor." It is expected that the last book will appear in January 2011, during the Christmas holiday, reports the Information Department of the UGCC.

This time, the patriarch talked to a well-known journalist, editor of the Church Department of the Weekly Mirror, Kateryna Shchotkina. During the two hours of the conversation, the hierarch answers the question why people in the modern world choose Christ, what it means "to meet Christ," how the church can help a person in this search, what are the ways to God, if church members can make mistakes, if it is easy to be a Christian, what a miracle is needed for, what the correlation between the faith and love and freedom is, what the hell is, and how God's will is combined with responsibility.

The head of the church also shares his thoughts about the vocation and gifting, the mission of the family and understanding of the seriousness of entering a marriage, and the role of the mother and tutor. He explains why it is necessary to think over one's intentions, why they should be based on sincere love, what the intentions regarding oneself should be, what a prayer should be like, why we fast, can a non-monastic be a good Christian, and why monasticism is needed.

Let us remind that the first audio book of the head of UGCC, "The Road to Oneself" appeared in January 2009. The edition constituted ten thousand copies. The hierarch presented his second book, "The Road to Thy Neighbor," in April 2010.

Source: RISU