His Beatitude Lubomyr thanks entrepreneurs for their activity and courage


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On December 2, 2010, administrators of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs) met with His Beatitude Lubomyr, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The topic of the meeting was "Business and Spiritual Values."

During the conversation Patriarch Lubomyr was asked about happiness, if money is good or evil, and about the task of the authorities.

The primate expressed that wealth is not in itself evil but that it is dangerous. "He who is able to control that danger can do great deeds. If money is only a means, then with its help a person can do a lot of good. But if money becomes a deity, it is dangerous, and people, unfortunately, easily fall under the influence of wealth because they do not understand why they are rich and what they as rich people can do," said His Beatitude Lubomyr.

During the meeting, the head the church expressed his respect and appreciation to the entrepreneurs for their activity and courage. He also spoke about his respect for employees, about the fair compensation for their work, about creating the conditions for the full development of the workers so they are "not turned into mindless robots but encouraged to improve and creative implementation."

Source: Information Department of the UGCC