Our reflections over the Catholic Charismatic Renewal wouldn't be complete if we wouldn't set our eyes upon its fruits. Citing different documents of the Church Teachers government and different authors who dealt with the issues related to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, we could already notice that all of them speak about concrete fruits, brought by the Renewal during last 40 years of its organized existence in the Catholic Church.

But let's take a look at them once again and make a conclusion based on the cited works. Here is a list of the fruits:

- concrete defense of Christian life from secularism and materialism;
- deeper understanding of the Christian vocation;
- deeper knowledge of the Holy Spirit Person;
- deeper knowledge of the Holy Spirit action in life of the Church;
- living and joyful witness about living and resurrected Christ and His redeeming power in the contemporary world;
- growth in true relations of a son to the Heavenly Father;
- growth in Marian devotion and special son's love towards the Blessed Virgin Mary;
- interest and love to the Holy Scriptures and living and existential perception of it;
- closer connection with the pastors as well as son's love and obedience to them;
- deep and joyful personal and common prayer;
- discovery of the joy of prayer;
- Christ-centricity of the Renewal life;
- true power of God in the spiritual warfare against Evil;
- love to the Church tradition;
- interest in the Church Fathers and their works;
- deep appreciation of the traditional Catholic pilgrim places;
- interest in saints of the Catholic Church;
- understanding of the importance of charisms;
- perception of the charismatic phenomena in the context of sacramental life of the Church;
- the Charismatic movement in a special way expresses a charismatic character of the whole Church;
- emphasis on a therapeutic aspect of the Holy Sacrament;
- growth and mature life of prayer communities;
- music and song, put at the service of deep worship of God and His praise;
- growth in knowledge and love to the liturgical prayer;
- love to the Holy Sacrament;
- number of converted people;
- sanctification of the Renewal members;
- brotherhood sacrifice;
- putting oneself at the service of the Church with an amazing sacrifice;
- Christianization of all life and behavior;
- numerous good and zealous vocations to priesthood and monkhood;
- stirring up and implementation of Christian spiritual and sacramental life;
- active evangelization of the world;
- desire for authentic holiness;
- positive purification of national devotion;
- stirring up of the fundamental Church communities;
- numerous healings;
- inner and corporal health;
- reconciliation between people, especially in a family;
- deliverance from different addictions;
- widespread charitable activity;
- the Renewal is up to necessity of visible signs which Christians were deprived of due to great abstraction of theologians and liturgists.

These are far not all positive fruits which God presents to the Church through the actions of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

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