Ukrainian Plast members to spread Bethlehem Fire


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On 11 December, the Ukrainian delegation of Plast members together with scouts from other countries will participate in the celebratory Mass in the Vienna Cathedral, where an international relay race "Bethlehem Fire of Peace." After the mass, the scout organizations will begin to spread the Bethlehem fire of peace in the European countries.

As the press-service of Plast reported to RISU, the Ukrainian delegation of 26 persons will represent all the regions of Ukraine.

Traditionally, the action in Ukraine was blessed by four Churches, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

The coordinator of the action, Ivan Spryn noted: "It will be the twelfth time that the Plast members spread this symbol of faith, hope and love in Ukraine not only in churches but also in children's homes, hospitals as the fire from the place of birth of Jesus Christ should burn in each Ukrainian home on Christmas."

On 17 December, Polish scouts will pass the Bethlehem fire to Ukraine through the Ukrainian Plast members at the Ukrainian-Polish border in Rava Ruska.


The action "Bethlehem Fire of Peace" as a charitable act of bringing the light from the symbolic place of birth of Jesus Christ to people celebrating Christmas away from home, in hospitals, children's homes, etc. was initiated by the Austrian TV-radio company in 1988. In the same year, the initiative was supported by scouts from Vienna.

In the end of November, the fire from Bethlehem is transported by air to Europe an a special container by Austrian scouts, and then it is passed from hand to hand in Europe in a "scout relay race." It is transported from Austria via Slovakia and Poland to Ukraine in the middle of December, where it is taken care of by the largest U'raine's scout organization Plast.

Source: RISU



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