Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk): Employees of the church are not the administrative office but the people of God called to holines


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Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk) has blessed a new tradition at Lviv's St. George Cathedral - a daily prayer for all employees of the Church's structures.

The hierarchical address begins with the words of the Holy Scripture: "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders build in vain." Thus Bishop Benedict says: "The basis, the beginning and the end of our lives is God. We are his creation, called to be like the Creator. And to know God better, we must consciously allow Him to sanctify us at every moment of our lives."

Auxiliary Bishop of the Lviv Archeparchy is convinced that the work in church institutions is a great privilege. Employees of the Lord's Vineyard should cultivate a spiritual strength to make right decisions and find the wisdom of God to overcome difficulties in performing their duties.

"We must be aware that we are not just another administrative office but the people of God called to holiness," underlines the hierarch. In his view, such a prayer is a good way for the church community to build up the body of Christ.

Source: Information Department of the UGCC