Lviv City mayor protested Kharkiv City mayor


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Lviv City mayor Andriy Sadovyy turned a protest to Kharkiv City mayor Hennadiy Kernes "because of brutal and public destruction of the memorial board to UGCC Patriarch Josip Slipyy".

"This is an invalid act of vandalism which caused resentment not only in faithful of UGCC, but in all Ukrainian nation. On behalf of Lviv citizens, I appeal to the Kharkiv authorities with a persistent demand to stop these and other acts of desecration of Ukrainian monuments in Kharkiv. If Ukrainian authorities allow anti-Ukrainian shovinist organisations to behave so freely, this will lead only to natural resistance of Ukrainians."

The memorial board had been destructed (for the second time already after 2008) on November 12, 2010.

©Translated by Milites Christi Imperatoris