A new religiosity of the Ukrainian youth


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The book "Modern religiosity. In that and how youth in Ukaine believes", which was recently published in Germany, shows the pecularities of the religiosity of students of secular and religious schools.

"The most unexpected result was that we detected a new form of religiosity for Ukraine - unistitutionalised (spiritual but not religious)" - says to RISU author Natalia Gavrilova, Ph.D., Research Associate Department of Religious Studies Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine

She explains that this religiosity has mainly personal nature. Youth alone defines their duties, and therefore organization of church, clergy and ceremonies that claimed to be the mediator between man and God, now are not that important.

According to Natalia Gavrilova, this category of believers has no clear understanding of denominational differences and generally experience striving for God, and accepts different religious traditions. Confessional knowledge for these believers is not important.

The researchers also noted a tendency that the active process of "finding yourself" leads a young people at once to several religious organizations and this is a characteristic of the postmodern era, the main feature of which is the pluralism.

Source: RISU