Close to a million dollars donated to the Ukrainian Catholic University


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Sponsors from New York and New Jersey have donated $900,000 for the development of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

"The Ukrainian diaspora in America appreciates that on the ruins of the former Soviet Union, the ruthless and brutal domination of communism, in eastern Europe the Christian forge has grown - the academic theological institution of the Ukrainian Catholic University, to carry the light of truth, peace and love...the Ukrainian Church was abolished for it to be born again for a new creative Christian life," reads the message, which RISU received from the Ukrainian diaspora in America.

The Ukrainian Catholic University is a successful institution with students of different denominations, not only from western Ukraine but also from Donetsk and other countries.

In Chicago operates the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation (UCEF), which collects funds for the development of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Ukraine. Acting president of the foundation is Alexander Kuzma.

Source: RISU