International Pedestrian Pilgrimage of families of migrants continues


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The International Pedestrian Pilgrimage of families of migrants continues for the sixth day. The spiritual hike is led by Fr. Vasyl Potochnyak, Ihor Kozankevych, director CF Caritas of the Sambir and Drohobych Eparchy, and others. The Bishops Yaroslav (Pryriz) and Taras (Senkiv) have blessed the pilgrimage.

From Sambir 240 pilgrims left for Zarvanytsia in order to pray for the divided families that had financial problems. The pilgrims also pray for the Ukrainian families that have lost personal communication between themselves.

On August 11 the pilgrimage reached the town of Burshtyn of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Here, in the Church of the Holy Martyr Josaphat, the holy sacrament of the Holy Unction was accepted by over three hundred pilgrims.

Today 320 pilgrims were counted. The pilgrims have walked 152 km which is more than half way to Zarvanytsia.

After passing the village Stare Selo of the Lviv region the pilgrims were able to feel the meaning of Christ's words: "if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit" (Mt. 15, 12-14). Pilgrims with their eyes covered walked 10 km to reconstruct this event. In the pilgrimage take part representatives from 16 countries of the world: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Spain, Greece, Sweden, England, Germany, Slovakia, Athens, USA, and from 6 regions of Ukraine: Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Poltava, and Odesa. The youngest pilgrim is 4 years old, the oldest is 79.

"With great faith, hope, and love in the heart we head to the place where the Holy Mother of God waits for us, in order to listen and to pass to Her Son prayers and requests, gratitude and glory of our Heavenly Father," said Ivanna Ryzhan, a participant of the pilgrimage.

Source: Information Department of the UGCC