Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky honored in Kyivan Archeparchy with a prayer


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On July 29, 2010, the memory of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky was honored with prayers in the churches of the Kyivan Archeparchy, marking the 145th anniversary of his birth.

Commenting on this momentous date, Bishop Joseph (Milyan), auxiliary bishop of Kyiv, stressed that it is not a coincidence that the anniversary of the great metropolitan continues another great date - the day of Prince Volodymyr, the Baptizer of Rus.

"Prince Volodymyr accomplished a great deed for us by bringing Christianity to our lands. But let's have a look at one of his followers - Metropolitan Andrey, the Moses of our nation, who has done no less to confirm Christ's truth," stressed Bishop Joseph.

The bishop said that the ideas and opinions of Metropolitan Sheptytsky are written as though today for they are very relevant to our time. "I remember for myself the words with which the metropolitan addressed migrants: don't sell your land, keep your language, save tradition... Are they not relevant today, when so many of our Ukrainians are forced leave in search of an income!? And how relevant are his ideas in ‘How to Build a Native Home'?" said the bishop.

Press Service of the Kyivan Archeparchy

Source: UGCC