Papal Visit shop opens for business


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Whether you are looking for mugs or t-shirts; rosaries or candles, official merchandise for the Papal Visit to the UK can now be found online on the site for the Papal Visit. The papal product lines include religious souvenirs (crucifixes, rosaries and holy cards); the official programme, clothing (baseball caps, t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts), souvenirs (candles, memorabilia, key rings, bags, bookmarks and fridge magnets), customised parish specific t-shirts/mugs and papal visit flags to greet the Holy Father.

Co-ordinator for the Papal Visit, Monsignor Andrew Summersgill said: "We have been working with a producer of memorabilia and specialists in church and religious merchandising to come up with a range of material which will act as the official souvenirs for Pope Benedict's visit. These products are now available online; the merchandisers will also be present at some of the larger gatherings of pilgrims, so that people can buy their memorabilia at the pilgrim destinations."

Any profits from the sale of merchandise will be put towards the costs of the Papal Visit. IVS Group Ltd has been appointed as the official merchandiser for the Papal Visit. The appointment of an official merchandiser early on in the project, will help to reduce the opportunity for piracy and bootleg memorabilia. Only proceeds from official sales fund the Papal Visit.

The shop can be found at: