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From July 5 to 23, 2010, in the building of the Philosophy and Theology Department of the Ukrainian Catholic University, will take place an educational module "Intensive Courses in Sign language and Culture of the Deaf," which will be conducted by specialists from the Sign Language Laboratory of the Institute of Special Pedagogics in Kyiv. The module is organized by the Nadiya (Hope) Center for Serving the Hearing Impaired founded in Lviv on March 12, 2009.

There are three components of the center's work: educational - which operates on its own educational program; research - laboratory study of theological aspects of communities of deaf people and sign language; and practical - the pastoral work for deaf in different environments: from a family of a deaf person to public organizations in which he or she is involved.

The activity the Nadiya Center will influence the state, cultural, and religious factors, and present the problems of people with special needs as a unique possibility to improve the spiritual state of society on the whole," expressed the director of the center Fr. Oleh Lazurkevych. He asserts that an important instrument in such evangelistic transformation is language. Therefore a special educational program in ministry for the hearing impaired for teaching specialists is being developed in the center. The basis of the program consists of Ukrainian sign language, deaf psychology, and special courses in pedagogics and culture of deaf. This subjects' list will be complemented with special pastoral and theological disciplines.

The program is for people with hearing impairments, members of their families, and all involved in educational work for the deaf. At the same time we invite priests, monks, nuns, students, teachers, catechists, social workers, and those who intend to learn sign language and help deaf people to cooperate. "It is important that the participants of the program have a clear motivational basis, because work requires charity and necessary intellectual and vital resources," remarked Fr. Oleh.

Source: Information Department of the UGCC
after the materials of press center of Archeparchy of Lviv