UGCC to Help People with Alcohol or Drug Addictions


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On May 17, 2010, Fr. Andriy Login, the head of the sub-commission of the UGCC For a Sober Life and Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, the head of Nazareth Rehabilitation Center, met to work out a plan for the rehabilitation center of the UGCC to help people with alcohol or drug addictions. The meeting was also held to increase the cooperation between the Nazareth Rehabilation Center and the sub-commission For a Sober Life.

Other participants of the working group were: Fr. Petro Rak, the head of the Department of Commissions of the UGCC, Mrs. Tetyana Stavnycha, the head of the Department of Development of Patriarchal Curia of the UGCC, Mr. Stephan Dmytryshyn, the head of the Commission on Pastoral Health Care, and Mr. Roman Prochko, a rehabilitation therapist.

Source: Department of the Commission of UGCC