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As was reported earlier, the association "Art and Prison" named two Ukrainians among the winners of the international competition of prisoners "With the Eyes of the Others," which was conducted in Berlin. Diana Kamlyuk took second place for her work "Opiyna Prirva" and Serhiy Gura became a finalist with his sculpture "Kozatskomu Rodu Nema Perevodu." To reward the finalist of the competition Deacon Peter Ekhtermaer, head of the European branch of ICCPPC (International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care) and main representative of the association "Art and Prison," visited Ukraine.

Volunteers of the prison pastoral care of the UGCC, Halyna and Yaryna Datsenko, Yuriy Onyshkevych, Sister Veronica (Kishko), ISMGF, together with the guest from Germany visited the Uman Women's Correctional Facility № 129. Two diplomas were presented: from the artistic fund "Art and Prison" and from His Beatitude Lubomyr under whose patronage the selection of work was made at the national level. After the ceremony a prayer of Akathistos to Christ the Savior was held. Deacon Constantine Panteley also congratulated the participant of artistic competitions in Vienna and Berlin Kateryna Nechay whose embroidery made it into the finale in Ukraine. Representatives of the pastoral care service of the UGCC also expressed sincere gratitude to the workers of the institution Anastasia Ushtyuk and Olha Gudzenko for the organizational support for the competitions.

At such a festive event the society of St. Nicholas on Askold's Grave gave humanitarian aid. Parcels with important items were donated by the faithful and packed by Mrs. Martha Blikhar who through correspondence knows the individual needs of every correspondent from the institution. Permanent care for the fate of convicted women is shown by proto-presbyter Fr. Ihor Onyshkevych, on whose initiative for already 19 years operates a service for helping imprisoned women.

It should be noted that in all penitentiary institutions the traditional charitable action Easter Basket was held for the prisoners.

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