Pope Benedict ХVІ and Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Pope Benedict XVI, at the time when he was still Cardinal Jоsеph Rаtzіngеr, a prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, expressed his opinion about charismatic movement in the Catholic Church in this way: «...in this case it's all about hope, about positive sign in time, about God's gift to our time. This is a repeated opening of joy and wealth of prayer to counterbalance stiff and sere theories and practices of the secularized rationalism. I personally have convinced myself in trustworthiness and usefulness of the charismatic movement.»

After Cardinal Jоsеph Rаtzіngеr had been elected a bishop of Rome, Director of the ICCRS, Oreste Pesare collected information about Pope Benedict XVI's position on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in The European Catholic Charismatic Renewal Info-Letter Issue 143, dated May 10, 2005. There you may find some interesting facts, which are worth reading. «Card. Ratzinger has known the Charismatic Renewal for a long time. In fact, he was among the Theological Consultants for the First Malines document: "Theological and Pastoral Orientations on the Catholic Charismatic Renewal». Besides that, Card. Ratzinger also wrote the Presentation to the Italian edition of the Fourth Malines document: "Renewal and the Power of Darkness". In April 2005, Pope Benedict XVI gave His Apostolic blessing to Italian National Congress for Catholic charismatic Renewal.

It is also worth mentioning that on September 14, 2000 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued «Instruction on prayers for healing», which Cardinal Ratzinger signed with Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone with remark: «Pope John Paul ІІ during the audience with the undersigned Prefect confirmed this Instruction, which was accepted at the meeting of this Congregation, and agreed its declaration.» The aim of this Instruction was to establish relationships between liturgical and non-liturgical types of prayers for healing. This Instruction also shortly considers charism of healing and its importance, as well as the fact that the Holy Spirit gives this charism as He wills.

In one of His homilies in September 2005, today's St.Peter's heir, when talking about Catholic charismatic Renewal, said: «Last century, though it is marked with one of the most tragic pages in history, is also marked with wonderful testimony of charismatic Renewal in the Spirit, which manifested in all spheres of human life and activity. I strongly hope that the Holy Spirit will find in the hearts of faithful ever greater openness for His presence and activity, making spreading of Pentecostal culture possible, which is so much needed nowadays».

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