Catholic Church in Spain begins campaign to defend religious symbols


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Madrid, Spain, Feb 8, 2010 / 06:56 pm (CNA).- The regional vicar of Guadalajara in Spain has welcomed requests by numerous Spanish Catholic organizations to launch a campaign defending the presence of crucifixes and other religious symbols in the country.

According to organizers, the idea came in response to Spain's Socialist government's plan to "regulate" the presence of religious symbols in public areas, a decision which many believe will end up prohibiting them completely.

Dozens of Catholic organizations in Spain are backing a manifesto that defends the presence of the crucifix "in classrooms and other public spaces," arguing that it is "part of our daily historical, cultural and spiritual identity."

The response states that the image of the crucified Christ "is a sign that unites people, promotes principles of equality, liberty and tolerance, because we are all brothers and sisters, and therefore equal, in the eyes of Christ."

The manifesto was presented this week by the Regional Vicar of Guadalajara, Father Angel Luis Toledano, and also by the Diocesan Director of Education, Father Pedro Moreno, who added that other organizations can still sign the statement.