Pope John Paul ІІ and Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Pope John Paul ІІ expressed his attitude towards Catholic charismatic Renewal when he had been receiving members of the ІССRS Board on December 11, 1979, in this way: «I have always belonged to this Renewal in the Holy Spirit... I am sure that this movement is a sign of the Holy Spirit action... I am sure that this movement is the most important component of the whole Church renewal.»

Pope John Paul ІІ often emphasized on the importance of charismatic Renewal for the Church:
«This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. The vigour and the fruits of the Renewal certainly testify to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church during these years following the Second Vatican Council. The Spirit has, of course, guided the Church in every age bringing forth a great variety of gifts among the faithful. Thanks to the Spirit, the Church constantly keeps her youth and vitality. And the Charismatic Renewal is an eloquent manifestation of this vitality today...» - said John Paul II to the participants in the 6th International Assembly of Charismatic Renewal, on 15 May 1987;

- «Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Catholic charismatic Renewal beginning, with great pleasure I join with you in praising God, thanking Him for numerous fruits, brought by Renewal in the life of Church. Beginning of the Renewal after the Second Vatican Council had been an amazing gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church... In this moment of Church history, charismatic Renewal can play an important role in spreading defence of Christian life in nations, in which secularism and materialism had lessen abilities of most people to answer the Holy Spirit and discern God's call of love.» - Audience of Pope John Paul ІІ with ІССRS Board members on March 14, 1992;

- «You represent charismatic movement communities from the whole world - in all diversity, which shows charisms, given to the Church by the Holy Spirit these days. How can we fail to praise God for the abundant fruit which in recent decades the Renewal has brought about in the lives of individuals and in communities? Countless people have appreciate the importance of Sacred Scripture for Christian living; they have acquired a new sense of the value of prayer and a profound yearning for holiness; many have returned to the sacraments; and a great number of men and women have achieved a deeper understanding of their baptismal call, and have committed themselves to the Church's mission with admirable dedication.» - Message of Pope John Paul II to participants to the Seventh International meeting of the CFCCCF, Rome, 9 November 1996.

- «The Catholic charismatic movement is one of the many fruits of the Second Vatican Council, which, like a new Pentecost, led to an extraordinary flourishing in the Church's life of groups and movements particularly sensitive to the action of the Spirit. How can we not give thanks for the precious spirituals fruits that the Renewal has produced in the life of the Church and in the lives of so many people? How many lay faithful - men, women, young people, adults and elderly - have been able to experience in their own lives the amazing power of the Spirit and his gifts! How many people have rediscovered faith, the joy of prayer, the power and beauty of the Word of God, translating all this into generous service in the Church's mission!» - audience of Pope John Paul II with the National Service Committee of the Italian "Renewal in the Spirit", Rome, 4 April 1998.

- At the International charismatic Congress in Rimini (Italy) in year 2000, John Paul ІІ emphasizes that in prosperity of charismatic movement the Church recognizes the action of the Holy Spirit, who never leaves the Church, and specially at hard times.

At every meeting with Catholic-charismats Pope said about His pleasure on this occasion: «Your presence in this basilica, where you have taken part in the Holy Mass, for me personally is a reason for great joy» - homily of pope John Paul ІІ, addressed to participants of charismatic congress on November 15, 1986;

Addressing the representors of ecclesial movements at Pentecost celebration on May 30, 1998 in St. Peter's Square, Rome, Pope said: «Today, addressing all of you, gathered here in St. Peter's square, and all Christians, I would like to call all of you: Obediently open up for the gifts of the Spirit! Humbly and with gratitude accept the charisms, which the Spirit constantly keeps pouring unto you! Do not forget that every charism is given for the common good, i.e. for the good of all Church!»

For personal wish of Pope, the Pontifical Council for the Laity by its decree recognized ІССRS (Іntеrnаtіоnаl Cаthоlіc Chаrіsmаtіc Rеnеwаl Sеrvіcеs) on September 14, 1993 and promoted ІCCRS with a juridical personality in the Catholic Church.

This attitude of His Holiness to charismatic Renewal can also be seen in His encyclical «Christifideles laici», in which whole 24th number is devoted to charisms and their role in life of the Church. Here Pope first of all points at places of Holy Bible, which provide a list of charisms, namely: 1 Cor. 12:7 - 10; 1 Cor. 12:4 - 6; 1 Cor. 12:28 - 31; Rom. 12:6 - 8; 1 Pt. 4:10 - 11. (see СL 24), and also says that the whole Church has to accept with gratitude charisms, which the Holy Spirit allotting them to each one as he wills (see СL 24). In a special way He emphasizes that these days we can observe an intensive pouring of the charisms unto God's people (see СL 24).

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