Scottish Bishops prepare to meet Pope


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Scotland's Catholic Bishops will travel to Rome from 3 - 10 February 2010 for their 'Ad Limina, five-yearly visit to the Holy See. (The full term is Ad Limina Apostolorum, which means literally "To the thresholds of the Apostles". The bishops visit the tombs of the Apostles and present a Five-Yearly Report to the Holy Father on the state of their dioceses)

Speaking ahead of the visit, Cardinal Keith O'Brien said; "It is with a great sense of anticipation that Scotland's Bishops prepare to travel to Rome, to update Pope Benedict XVI on the work of the Church in Scotland and its place in society and to assure him of a wonderful welcome when he visits us later this year." In the course of their visit, the Scottish Bishops will meet the Pope and the heads of many Vatican departments.

In the address, which Cardinal O'Brien will give to Pope Benedict XVI, he will thank the Pope, for his 'indefatigable apostolate' and say: "We were greatly reassured to hear you confirm in your address to the Catholic Bishops of England & Wales earlier this week that you intended to visit Great Britain later this year, we now look forward to your visit to Scotland in the autumn and assure you of a very wonderful welcome from all of the peoples of Scotland."

The full text of Cardinal O'Brien's address to the Pope will be released on Friday 5 February.