Saint Nicolas is in each of us


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According to the good tradition the Caritas of the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy began the charitable project "Saint Nicolas is in each of us" to help those in need and mentally disabled children. With the money collected during the action Caritas will make gifts for the children, who will be able to stay in this fairy tale night without a small miracle that every child expects each year.

Special money-boxes with the logo of Caritas and information about the action will be placed in Drohobych, Sambir, Truskavets, Boryslav, and Stebnyk. These boxes can be found in shops, banks, pharmacies, gas stations, and public institutions. In these money-boxes one can make their own offering to the needs of children on St. Nicolas Day.

A new event of this year's charitable project will be a one day action in the center of Drohobych. One of the trees will be festively decorated and letters with histories of people in need will be attached to it. The workers and volunteers of Caritas will distribute these letters to the habitants of Drohobych. To help those in need it will be possible to donate money during the event. The money collected in this action will be exclusively for help of the specific individuals.

"The action ‘Saint Nicolas is in each of us' is a little ray of hope for all the unfortunate children in these difficult times. We hope that it will inspire you to help those in need and to be a merciful and good Saint Nicolas," said Iryna Dzyurakh, coordinator of the action.

To join the action it is possible to make a donation with one's bank account to Caritas with the note "Charitable action of Saint Nicolas is in each of us." Donations can also be made personally at Caritas.