Greek Catholic Eparchy of Stryi Distributes Humanitarian Aid from Holy See to Flood Victims


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In the middle of May 2009 the Pontifical Council Cor Unum began the realization of the project of a grant of help to the population of the Stryi Eparchy which suffered as a result of last year's flood. The help is directed at the sphere of rural education, restoration of parochial property, distribution of food packages, and renewal of agricultural land lots.

Help was first obtained by the Greek-Catholic parish in the village of Monastyrets, Komarno District. Last year's flood inflicted losses on the local church and old residences, in which water reached the level of the windows. On May 15, 2009, Bishop Yulian (Gbur) visited the village and celebrated a moleben (prayer service) to the Mother of God in the local church.

The faithful have obtained 41 food packages, which contained 1 liter of oil and a half-kilogram each of sugar, buckwheat and canned meat. Financial help for this parish is directed at repairing the road to the church, the school dining-room, boiler room, installing new doors, and restoring the balcony.

On May 16, 2009, the Eparch of Stryi visited the Greek-Catholic parish in the village of Borodchytsi, Znydachiv District. The greater half of the village suffered as a result of the flood; the small holdings of the parish's land lots were destroyed. For the renewal of agricultural land the Stryi Eparchy passed on 13 tons of potatoes, five tons of wheat, and three tons of oats.;29203/