It's not easy to describe spirituality of the Catholic Renewal in the Holy Spirit in couple of lines, but I guess it's possible to name some of typical pillars upon which mature charismatic spirituality is based.

А). First of all, charismatic spirituality is clearly Christcentric - Jesus is in the center of life of every Catholic-charismat and interest of his spiritual life. He considers the main task of his life to give witness of the Resurrected Christ to this world.

B). Charismatic spirituality also directs its attention to God the Father, Who gave His only Son - Jesus Christ to the world. Establishing true son's attitude towards the Heavenly Father is one of basic tasks of this spirituality.

C). Catholic-charismat is also called to realize the secret breath of God's Spirit in his life and to try to fully subordinate himself to His lead. Constant emphasis on the importance to honor the One Who presents the gifts, but not the gifts, prevents him from worship of gifts of the Spirit.

D). Presence of charisms isn't considered to be an expression of spiritual perfection of an individual whom these gifts were given to, but rather a call to sanctity.

E). Charismatic spirituality is expressively Marian. Virgin Mary, as the bride of the Spirit is considered by Catholic-charismats to be a mediator who contributes to outpouring of the Spirit on God's people by her patroness. Endurance in prayer with Mary, Mother of Jesus, had been a premise of the first Pentecost (see Acts 1:14), that's why prayer and spiritual unity with the Holy Virgin Mary and devotion to her are considered in charismatic Renewal to be a guarantee of being in obedience to the God's Spirit.

F). The Eucharist is in the center of Catholic charismatic circles interests. Namely, the Eucharist and Liturgy are considered to be one of main sources of consecration of everyone who longs to consecrate his life. Sacrificial character of the Liturgy provides opportunity to implement the fruits of Christ's Cross Sacrifice into our life.

G). Aspiration for spiritual gifts (charisms) and their practicing always has to be accompanied by the discernment of the spirits. The need for this discernment is realized first of all as means to prevent non-critical perception of any supernatural manifestation, since it's necessary to be constantly conscious that an enemy as a roaring lion is constantly seeking whom he may devour (see 1Pt. 5:8).

H). Unity with the Church and hierarchy is considered to be a guarantee of being on the right spiritual way. Sympathy with the Church, feeling Its needs and preparedness to sacrificial service to It are expected from every Catholic-charismat.

I). Active love to God and neighbor is considered to be the only authentic criteria of spiritual growth manifestation of the Renewal members.

J). Interest in the Holy Scripture and the Tradition, Church Fathers, Catholic Church teaching, saints of the Church, love to traditional expressions of national devotion are an integral part of Catholic charismatic spirituality.

K). Spiritual warfare and prevention of any kind of contact with occult are typical manifestations of Catholic charismatic spirituality.

L). One more typical manifestation of this spirituality is worshiping God and praising Him through music and singing.

M). Most often the Renewal manifests through formation of prayer communities; spirituality of community is a frequent topic of charismatic leaders' teaching.

These are, in my humble opinion, main characteristics of Catholic charismatic spirituality. No doubt, this is far not all what may be said about the Renewal spirituality. Charismatic spirituality is much richer and wider than it may appear from the above listed. That's why I suggest the reader to reflect over given facts, which describe spirituality of the charismatic Renewal, in order to achieve profundity and gravity of its requirements. And, what would be better, to enter into contact with some of the Renewal groups and estimate the Renewal on the basis of personal experience.

Christi Imperatoris