Theology Recognized as an Academic Discipline in Ukraine


KYIV - According to Instruction 273 of the Attestation Committee of Ukraine (of May 15, 2010), theology was included in the list of specialties in which dissertations are defended and candidate of sciences and doctor of sciences degrees are awarded. Theology as an academic specialty was included in the subject area of philosophy.

According to Vice Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (UCU) Dr. Taras Dobko, this decision will lead to the creation in Ukrainian universities post-graduate programs in theology and will establish a cycle of educational and scholarly theological training in Ukraine. Also, the scholars who receive their scholarly degrees in theology abroad now can have their degrees recognized in Ukraine.

"Through daily work, participation in work groups to develop state standards of theological education, preparation of other materials on the order of state bodies of management of education, the Ukrainian Catholic University, our teachers and students, provided the lion's share of work in the process of recognizing theology in Ukraine. This followed continuous work with students and teachers, accumulation of experience, and personnel, educational-methodical, library, and technical material resources," noted the vice rector.

According to the press service of UCU, he also stressed that the recognition of theology as an academic discipline "can hardly be imagined without the cooperation of many people in and outside of Ukraine, namely, the heads of educational institutions and their departments, leading intellectuals, state officials."