Pope Addresses University Professors at VI European Symposium


(07 Jun 08) Pope Benedict XVI today received the participants in the sixth European Symposium of University Professors.

The VI European Symposium of University Professors this year gathered in Rome under the High Patronage of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences and the President of the Italian Republic for 4 days of sessions.
The theme of the latest symposium is, "Broadening the horizons of Rationality: Perspectives for Philosophy"

In remarks to the more than 300 participants gathered on Saturday in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Benedict XVI recalled the basic commitment of Christian religion to human reason, saying it is his deep and oft-repeated conviction that Christian faith made a basic and irrevocable choice against the gods of pagan religion, and for the god of the philosophers, which is to say, Christianity chooses the truth of being over conventional myth.

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged the participants to promote high-profile academic centres, at which philosophy can dialogue with other disciplines, in particular with theology, so as to give direction to the development of society.

The Holy Father went on to invite the gathered participants to encourage young people to commit themselves to philosophical studies, saying he is certain that the new generations, with their enthusiasm , will be able generously to respond to the expectations of the Church and the larger society.