Priests Slain in Guatemala, Brazil

PHILIPPINES Freed Father Sinnott wants to resume ministry

Guatemala: kidnapped Franciscan priest murdered

ASIA/INDIA - BJP accuses Church of alleged “illegal mass conversions”: Christians tell Fides their response

INDIA Archbishop accuses police of apathy over church attacks

MALAYSIA Christians demand release of banned Malay bibles

Crucifix Ruling Seen as Severing Italy From Roots

Vatican "Regrets" European Court Ruling on Crucifix

Orissa: they kill and burn two people, convicted only for destruction of evidence

In Orissa Christians treated worse than animals, says Father Bernard

Muslims appeal for priest's release

Orissa: Anti-Christian Hindu Leader, Madhu Baba, Arrested

Efforts continue to free missionary kidnapped in the Philippines

Story of Orissa martyrs told at Indian Mission Congress


Kidnapped Christian nurse killed in Iraq

Iraq: Christian Nurse is Tortured and Killed

Priest Killed in Colombia

Italian Missionary Murdered in Amazon

India: Church Damaged in Attack

India: Pastor Falsely Accused

Priest who worked for human rights murdered in Philippines

Uzbekistan: Believers Arrested

Vietnamese blogger arrested for challenging media distortions of Pope's speech

Amid violence, Iraqi archbishop ‘more pessimistic than ever’ about Christians’ future

US bishop: Church in Cuba more than surviving

Archbishop calls for end to anti-Christian violence in India

Indian bishops recall Orissa attacks 1 year ago

In Kherson a Greek-Catholic chapel has been barbarously destroyed

Pakistani Christians Die in Violent Attack

Orissa: Thousands still homeless one year on


Prayer for a sick man by Indian pastor leads to death threat

Pakistani police tortured pregnant Christian woman

CHINA Zhengding priests hide, pressured to join patriotic association

INDIA Christians attacked again in Karnataka

International attorneys urge Pakistan to end persecution

Living the Eucharist through Violence, Hope and Persecution in Pakistan

Anti-Catholic action on Ukrainian “1+1” TV-channel

Vatican nuncio fears more anti-Christian violence in Pakistan

Orissa, India on Maximum Alert over Fear for Christian's Safety

Two imprisoned Cuban dissidents being subjected to cruel treatment

20 million Christians Protest Persecution in Pakistan

Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese Catholics presist in protests over arrests

PAKISTAN Christians remember victims of Gojra violence

Indian Christians protest Pakistani violence

3 tortured in Bangladesh for proclaiming Christ

Archbishop: Orissa Christians fearful as anniversary of violence nears

Jail officials censored mother's letters over religious content

Security Service of Ukraine Has Documents Proving Purposeful Destruction of UGCC by Communists

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