Church in Ukraine

Head of the UGCC: “The crisis, in which we have found ourselves, shows a great malady in the society”

Charismatic pilgrimage. A story from Savelivka village

Government Resolved to Improve Conditions for Serving the Church in Ukraine

Head of UGCC Prayed for Ukraine on Independence Day

In Kherson a Greek-Catholic chapel has been barbarously destroyed

First Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Charismats pilgrimage

Tymoshenko Wants Spiritual Education in All Education Institutions of Ukraine

The pedestrian pilgrimage from Sambir to Zarvanytsya

Orthodox and Greek Catholics to celebrate Transfiguration of Jesus

Celebratory Prayer for Ukraine to take place on Independence Day

The miraculous Mother of God icon will be crowned in Hoshiv

Monument to Pope John Paul II Erected in Prykarpattia

Anti-Catholic action on Ukrainian “1+1” TV-channel

Security Service of Ukraine “SBU” (SSU) plans to declassify documents that prove the systematic repression of the UGCC during th

Patriarch Kirill has Finished His Visit to Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine Has Documents Proving Purposeful Destruction of UGCC by Communists

Gratitude-Letter to President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko

Head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church introduced the new Head of the Patriarchal Administration

Through the patronage of His Beatitude Lubomyr, popular music concerts will be organized in Ukraine

For the third year in a row, the UGCC holds baptism vow renewals during the celebrations for the Baptizing of Rus’-Ukraine

Ukranian Catholic Eparch of St. Josaphat retires, Pope names administrator

Deputy Head of Secretariat of Ukraine’s President Meet Cardinal Lajolo

Recognition of the historical repression of the UGCC will give rise to a better approach to its currents needs

Yushchenko: State must give assessment to reprisals against Churches

Joint ecumenical prayer for the prosperity of Ukraine

Caritas in Veritate in re sociali. 37th Meeting of the General Secretaries of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe - Lviv, Ukraine

Results of 37th Bishops’ Conference of Europe Made Public at Press Conference

UGCC Head Knows Moscow Patriarchate Complicates Patriarchate Status of UGCC

Pope Benedict XVI Blessed Crowns for Hoshiv’s Miraculous Icon of the Mother of God

UGCC Catholic Head Comments on Visit of Moscow Patriarch to Ukraine

Commission for Public Morality must act as a sensitive mother, “politely, but decisively”

Pope Benedict XVI blessed crowns for Hoshiv’s miraculous icon of the Mother of God

Youth Discussed Christian Values in the Pubic Sphere

Triple jubilee for Metropolitan Ivan (Martynyak)

Social Project of the Apostolic Visitor for Ukrainians Greek-Catholics of Italy and Spain

Ukrainian MPs Reject Bill to Maintain Privacy of Confession


Vatican’s Territory to Appear in Kyiv

UGCC Head Met With Reps of European Media and United Bible Societies

Ternopil Regional Council Calls President to Grant Repressed Status to UGCC

Episcopal ordination of the monk-priest Joseph Milyan

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Passes Several Buildings to Roman Catholics

Ternopil City Council Acknowledges Repression of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Apostolic Nuncio Visits Roman Catholic Parishes and Orthodox Monastery in Ukraine

Head UGCC Takes Part in International Conference “Legal Guidelines for Prison Ministering”

Ukraine’s President Visits Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv

Faithful of UGCC Invited to Participate in Preparation of Synod

Catholic Bishops of Ukraine Discuss Family Pastoral Care

Ukrainian Military Make Pilgrimage to Lourdes

First Orionist Spiritual Center Consecrated in Lviv

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