Inner Healing

"He has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases... by his bruises we are healed..."( Isaiah 53:4-5)

In the same way as our body may be sick, when being attacked by numerous illnesses, we may be sick inwardly, in the spirit. Very often mental problems and illnesses are much more serious and painful than corporal and need special care and treatment. Besides that, many physical illnesses are only symptoms and consequences of mental disorders. When you will treat them, you'll get rid of the illness. Everyone of us had felt this inner discomfort in his life, felt disappointment, unrest, offence, neuroses, unforgiveness, fear, misunderstanding from others and rejection. These feelings deeply wound our hearts, bring mental pain and suffering which we often try to hide deeply and close in ourselves, or keep away from others, considering every person to be willing to do harm or hurt us, to cause severer pain. Our behavior becomes invariable. Our hearts which are stoned, wounded by past emotional injuries, need healing and recovery. We need help and support, we need someone whom we might totally trust and get opened to, who will always be ready to listen and receive, to show the way out of any problem.

The only reliable doctor and adviser in this case is Jesus Christ Who came to heal our heart wounds and give us new hearts, Who stands at doors of our heart and knocks, willing to dwell in it, to fill us with joy, love and mental peace. He wants everyone of us to feel happy, loved and healed completely. In the Gospel there are many cases of healing: healing of disciples - Jesus helped them to get rid of desire for richness and greediness (Мt. 19:16-26), fear for death (Мark 4:35-41; Luke 12:4-8), selfishness (Мt 19:27-30), anxiety (John 14:1-6), fear for failure (Мark 4:30-32), hate, regret, offence (Mark 4:30-32), arrogance (Luke 18:9-14) and sham (John 7:31-33). He healed a centurion from inferiority complex (Mt 8:8-13), a Samaritan woman from racial hatred (John 4), revealed Zacchaeus from lawlessness (Luke 19:1-10), woman who had been caught in adultery from feeling of guilt (John 8:1-11), a prostitute from impurity (Luke 7:36-50), a paralyzed man from a sin that was a root of every evil (Mt 9:1-2). Jesus gives us power to resist the forces of darkness and realize that everyone of us is a God's child - unique, very precious and desired for the Heavenly Father.

Very often we long to become better, but we don't know how to achieve it. We try to get free from pain, but we can't. Our will-power is breaking and our character can't deal with difficulties. Very often it seams that others have to change and we are trying to achieve this but without result. The reason for all this are inner wounds and we have not enough power to get out of the circle of limitation. We need greater power which would heal us. This power we can find and receive only in Jesus Who took away all our pain and suffering, revealed us from sin shackles and desires to heal our wounded hearts, to present us the true freedom and peace, to cover everyone with His kindness and love. There is nothing impossible for Him. Everyone has to experience a personal meeting with Him, to discover the depth and boundlessness of His healing love and then everything will change. When you will get to know Jesus, you'll receive a new heart, new eyes and new way of thinking.

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