Lviv still to decide how a monument to Andrey Sheptyckyy will look like


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Members of jury of Ukrainian Open Contest for the best idea of the monument to Andrey Sheptytskyy in Lviv had not yet made a final decision. During the discussion turned out that none of the sculptures taking part in the contest is good enough. That's why the winner hadn't been chosen.

Vasyl Kosiv, the member of the jury, told about the idea to take a sculpture by Ahdriy Koverko as a basis for the monument. The sculpture had been made yet when A. Sheptytskyy was still alive. Unfortunately, after that no-one could make anything better. He also said that two teams of architectors suggested good ideas for pedestal of the monument. After the discussion, both of the teams were suggested to unite their efforts in creating common variant.

The place where the monument will be situated is already chosen - between St. George Church and Lviv Polytechnic National University.

©Translated by Milites Christi Imperatoris