All interested can become co-authors of the third audio book of the Head of UGCC


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"Already there is an idea to make a third book - ‘The Road to God,'" reported the head of the UGCC in an interview to Novynar. The feature of the future book will be that every interested person will be able to submit a question from a selected topic by email ( with a note: for the audio book "The Road to God"), or on the specially created theme on the forum at this reference: The most interesting questions will enter in the new book.

Creating audio books in the form of interviews the primate believes is optimum: "A question and answer form suits me, because it is easier to organize the material," His Beatitude Lubomyr said. "In a sermon, or at a conference, I always fear a little that what I say is interesting for me but not for the listeners. In the questions of people who live in the real world, I feel better. I try together with them to answer the questions that worry us."

As the head of UGCC said, the idea to creation audio books was joint. "An idea appeared to do a book in electronic form. And we did it: the first book, and later, more than half-year ago, the second one. I am greatly pleased by this," said His Beatitude Lubomyr.

In response to the question the journalist's question on which audio book the head of the church prefers, Patriarch Lubomyr answered he recently listened to Lina Kostenko's "Berestechko." "It was given to me as a present and with great joy I listen to it. I like it very much," remarked the head of the UGCC.

The first audio book of His Beatitude Lubomyr "The Road to Oneself" was issued in January 2009 and included ten thousand copies.

Last week the head of the UGCC presented his second audio book called "The Road to Thy Neighbor." The staff of the Kyiv bookstore Ye, which daily reports news about books to the press, and where the presentation of the head's second was held, a record number of journalists came to listen to the primate.

In the audio book "The Road to Thy Neighbor," issued by the multimedia studio Svichado, the head of the UGCC shared with listeners his responses to such topics as love, contraception and abortion, the conflict of generations, the citizen and state, and patriotism and chauvinism.

The national artist of Ukraine Nina Matviyenko recorded the foreword for the audio book.

The audio book can be purchased in all churches of Kyiv, and in several bookstores. It is also possible to find in other churches of UGCC all over Ukraine, and in the nearest future the book will be available in other bookstores.

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