Post-abortive women suffer from trauma similar to war veterans, says pro-life leader


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Mexico City, Mexico, Apr 15, 2010 / 09:57 pm (CNA).- Pro-life leader Carolina Beauregard explained this week that due to the fact that studies show that post-abortive women suffer from similar symptoms of trauma as war veterans, five Mexican states have adopted laws restricting abortion.

"The symptoms experienced following a life-threatening event such as war, an accident or an instance in which one's personal integrity is gravely affected are similar to those a woman experiences when she decides to end her pregnancy," she said in an article published in "El Grafico."

Beauregard based her comments on research from universities such as Harvard, Georgetown and Ottawa, which found that "diagnostic similarities exist between women who have ended the pregnancies and veterans traumatized by the Vietnam War."

"The study by David Reardon titled, 'Psychological Reactions Reported After an Abortion,' concludes that most of the women who participated showed symptoms of post-abortion trauma including: feelings of having less control of their lives, 74%; sexual difficulties, 59%; difficulties in developing relationships, 53%; drug use, 49%; suicidal thoughts, 33%."

For this reason, she noted that in 5 of the 18 Mexican states that have enshrined protections for the unborn, "comprehensive medical care is also given to women who have undergone abortions, a fact which undoubtedly represents a significant step forward."

"Nevertheless, there is still much to be done so Mexican women will have preventative medical and psychological information that will allow them to care for themselves and thrive in any state in our country, without having to go through the Calvary of a traumatic syndrome," Beauregard stated.