Salesian care at the Social Hotel


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In Lviv, on 163a Horodotska St., opened the Social Hotel, a city dormitory for orphans, half- orphans, and children without parental care. This institution is the first in the Lviv Oblast that cares for the needs of students and aims to provide them with a place to live as well as Christian education and guardianship.

The city council of Lviv passed the dormitory to the management of the Salesian Community, due to their experience and quality of work that is conducted in the city and surrounding areas in education and social guardianship. The institution can house 12 people between the ages of 15-24; its manager is Fr. Stephan Tymonchak. The Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyj participated in the inauguration and blessing of the dormitory on March 31. The mayor expressed the importance of cooperation of the state and the church for the good of the people and with gratitude underlined the considerable contribution of the UGCC and the Salesian fathers in education and in the social sphere.

We remind that the Social Hotel is the second institution which the Lviv City Council entrusted to the Salesian Community. The City Center for homeless citizens has operated for about a year under the management of the community and in cooperation with the city's government.

Source: UGCC