Vatican Observatory now on iphone


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The Vatican Observatory is launching its own iPhone app targeting the world's 1.5 billion Catholics.

The announcement last week follows Pope Benedict's recent encouragement of all parts of the Vatican to reach people worldwide through new technology.

The Vatican Observatory iPhone App will come loaded with daily and weekly audio, and video inspirational and devotional content with bonus transcripts, scripture references and commentary.

The announcement was made by Wizzard Media and The Robert Thorne Company, which manages the global licensing, touring and media program for the Vatican Observatory Foundation, in partnership with Gruppo Santony, the company said in a statement.

Content will also address the nexus of faith and knowledge at the heart of the Vatican Observatory's mission, including imagery from the Vatican Observatory and other principal sites of the Vatican, delivered on camera by prominent devotional television personality and best-selling author Father Michael Manning, an ordained and papally recognized Catholic priest.

Proceeds from the iPhone App will support the Vatican Observatory Foundation's humanitarian work in scientific education, research and discovery. A companion web series will feature highlights of the iPhone App content and select reruns of iPhone App episodes, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at production of the iPhone App's content and periodic on-site production in Rome.

Fr Mike's television series, The Word in the World, is seen weekly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and The Church Channel and is also broadcast on several American Catholic TV networks.

His latest book 15 Faces of God to be published by Doubleday, will be released on March 16. Father Mike is a member of the Society of the Divine Word, an international missionary community serving the needs of the poor.