Australian Bishops Conference joins Facebook


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The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) has announced the launch of its Facebook page this week, containing information, media releases, photos and forums about the work and ministry of the ACBC.

Anyone can become a 'fan' of the page, which the Bishops are describing as a "quick and efficient way of finding information about the Catholic Church in Australia, communicate with the bishops, and to understand how the Conference operates", according to a statement.

Media delegate for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Bishop Peter Ingham, said that engaging with Facebook and other new digital media will more effectively share the love of Christ with the people of the world.

"There are so many opportunities now available to us to be at service of the Word of God. Digital media gives us so much more scope to make Jesus Christ better known and loved," said Bishop Ingham.

Director of the Australian Catholic Film Office, Fr Richard Leonard, said that new media is rapidly emerging in society and that the Church should engage with it or become irrelevant.

"The Church is able to participate quite easily with new media, with the help of skilled professionals. In doing so, more than ever before, they have the capacity spread the message of Christ to a wide and varied audience," said Fr Leonard.

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