Pope Makes an Appeal for Victims of Earthquake in Haiti


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(13 January 10-RV) Pope Benedict XVI has appealed for international solidarity and support for the people of Haiti.

The island nation was devastated by an magnitude 7 earthquake overnight that has left thousands dead. The extent of the destruction is still unclear as all communication lines with the Caribbean island nation are down. The quake hit south of the capital Port-au-Prince, wrecking the Presidential Palace, UN HQ, the Cathedral and the Archbishops Residence.

Misna news agency has reported that the body of Archbishop Serge Miot, was pulled from the rubble of his offices.

The news was referred by the missionaries of the Saint Jacques Society. The vicar general, Monsignor Benoit, is still missing.

Caritas Internationalis has immediately dispatched an emergency team to Haiti and is appealing for prayers and funds to aid the estimated 3 million people who have been affected by the quake.