Ministry: Darfur situation requires ’more than money’


As more than four million civilians in Darfur, Sudan, continue to suffer as a result of ongoing attacks by armed forces and other groups, and with at least 100,000 civilians forced to flee their homes this year alone, one ministry leader says resolving the situation is going to take more than money, reports Michael Ireland, chief correspondent, ASSIST News Service.

"We urgently need to bring the suffering of the displaced and persecuted people in Darfur before the Almighty God. Pray for protection and provision, for the leaders, and that God will grant wisdom to all who are involved in the peace negotiations. Pray for an end to the terrible crisis," said Dr. Joseph Chavady of the Canadian-based One to One International Ministries.

In an e-mail to ASSIST News Service (ANS), Dr. Chavady says UN Secretary Ban-Ki Moon agrees that neither humanitarian aid nor peacekeeping missions can resolve the current crisis. "What is needed first of all is for all parties and stakeholders to lay down their arms and commit to a peaceful settlement," Chavady said.

Ban-Ki Moon recently stated: "Let us not dwell on what has been lost in Darfur, but call upon all parties to immediately focus on what can be achieved by ending the hostilities, protecting civilians and coming to the negotiating table in good faith to secure the peace the Darfurians desperately need now."

Chavady says that during the past four years, the international community already spent close to $3 billion on humanitarian assistance and recovery operations in the hope that peace would follow.

He adds: "Maybe it is time to acknowledge that the Darfur situation takes more than money. It requires unselfishness, a listening heart and lots of goodwill -- in other words, it requires changed lives -- and these come only through the work of God in people's heart and through prayer.

"Please pray for the UN Secretary and all those who are involved in settling the Darfur crisis. Pray that all parties will have compassion for the millions who are suffering extreme hardship in this war torn country."